At APPARUIT, we create Alabaster

For the contract market, we handle everything from design and manufacture to final assembly of projects carried out in alabaster. Our manufacturers specialize in alabaster production and are able to produce any project. They pay special attention to finishes and possess the essential know-how to obtain optimum results.

We create made-to-order projects in collaboration with specifiers, architects, creators, craftspeople, manufacturers, assemblers and our own in-house design and production team.

We can be involved in projects in a number of different ways:

- We can work very closely with the specifier, who proposes a concept and we develop it following his or her instructions. In this kind of mutual collaboration, there is a consensus between our team and the architecture firm. We contribute our experience and the tools required to execute the project.

- Sometimes the architect or designer presents a design and we manage the manufacture of the piece. The APPARUIT team evaluates the project and proposes the most suitable manufacturing technique for the design in accordance with technical requirements and the client’s budget.

- The specifier can also choose a piece from our catalogue and indicate the specific measurements and kind of alabaster.

- An end client can entrust us with the design of a piece for a specific place or function. At APPARUIT, we design it and make it.

Most applications with alabaster are designed to include light or to filter natural light, though not always.

Some ideas:

Backlit facings and panels
Lighted tables


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