Qube Wall

Ricardo Fonta 2011


Family of table lamps and floor lamps that provide ambient light.

Made of 15-mm champagne-coloured and tobacco-coloured alabaster panels that are mitre cut so it looks like the two colours are the same piece.

This combination creates a very attractive effect that makes it possible to control the distribution of light depending on the function of the piece.

The two luminaires created for the catalogue are only a sample of the many possible combinations and sizes that can be made to specification.

Alabaster is a natural material whose characteristic colour, movement and veins vary from one piece to another.


· Indoor use.
· Wall.
· 15-mm thick champagne-coloured and tobacco-coloured alabaster panels.
· On/Off switch on electric cable.
Ballast :
· Qube Wall 1: Electrónic 230 v 50/60 Hz
· 230 V
· Qube Wall 1: 10 kgs
· Qube Wall 2: 3.5 Kgs
Light source:
· Qube Wall 1: Dulux L24 W 2G11 840
· Qube Wall 2: 2 x CFL 8 w e27
Important: Always use low-consumption compact fluorescent lamps (CFL). The use of incandescent, halogen bulbs or bulbs that reach high temperatures can cause serious damage to the material..
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